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Logistic Management System

We are built on a warehouse management concept that allows you to have key information, using unique product identity, to locate products in a warehouse setting. You’ll be able to manage the entire supply chain and track your product’s unique ID showing the construction of the load, transportation vehicles (all modes), every check in, and final locations. Our system is designed to automate any manual processes, improve performance levels, increase visibility and decrease transportation costs.


We offer a Software-as-a-Service hosted by a database mainframe computer. SaaS is cost-effective because it saves shippers the cost of developing their own systems. Because the TMS is housed in the cloud, shippers also avoid the price of maintaining and securing a server to store applications and data. Likewise, because Software-as-a-Service can be reached on demand, the new system can be implemented efficiently to support faster access on optimization and savings. Any PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone can be used to access and manipulate data within the system by authorized users.


We can transfer data, alerts and notifications on defined trigger points automatically. Storage information can be captured by a smartphone camera (load conditions, proof of delivery, etc) and added to system records. We interface with many ERP systems such as Oracle and SAP, or legacy applications and customer system. The TMS adapts to new client requirements by providing an a-la-carte environment, giving them the ability to add individual applications as needed. Our seamless integration allows us to easily connect carriers, suppliers, and other web service providers.



Background:Our system was developed initially for a company providing supply chain services of third party warehousing, trucking, rail, water, and other intermodal services offered to their customer base. Our system was then successfully marketed and is used by major metal producing companies. Building on that success, we expanded into selective applications of non-metal products.

What we do?: We offer an integrated system capable to attend the needs of the transport and warehouse sector at the productive industries. It normally revolves around offering greater visibility, control, traceability, and management of all activities that are being fulfilled by the carriers, either on their own or by subcontractors. This information is useful for the transportation company, which will help improve the process substantially, but also for the customer, who can be offered a level of service as required. It's easy to use, instantly connect you to your shippers, vendor and logistics organizations. The solution of iS&L will allow you to:

  • Manage transporters uniformly, whether they are their own or subcontracted
  • Have a complete view of the route check-ins
  • Scanning of documentation
  • Have a Customer & Carrier web portals
  • Generate any reports you need to make right decisions for the company



Our transportation management system will help you with all of your carrier needs. Our system was designed to ensure that you will get the lowest rates while ensuring your product is delivered quickly and without hassle.
The software enables customers, suppliers and carriers to collaborate using one platform, giving them complete visibility and control of their shipping operations.


Inventory is a major part of any business and requires a lot of time and effort. We start by providing you with a vast database of metallurgical data, and then our system will actively work to help control inventory levels. In combination with a Warehouse Management System, you get the overall combined Supply Chain visibility you need to make business decisions that drive further cost savings and decrease inefficiencies.


Shipping products over a great distance takes a lot of work and panning. That is why iS&L inc has all of your needs for transporting by roads, railroad, or barge. We work hard to ensure that your product has a reserved container to be shipped in. All modes of transportation in a single system

  • >> Application packages for customized transportation
  • >> Carrier management: Master Data, Insurance, Mantenance, Sales Order Notification
  • >> Rate negotiations: Serviceable Rate Maintenance, Spot Quote
  • >> Load Planning: Tender, Schedule and Reschedule, Shipping, Tracking
  • >> Inbound freight management
  • >> Vendor and Carrier monitoring
  • >> Track your shipments 24/7
  • >> Search for all modes: Truck, Rail, Barge
  • >> Manage multiple loactions & users
  • >> Report daily shipments to management with easy to use dashboards
  • >> Easily analyze carrier performance



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We offer tools for logistics management, monitoring, and control of shipments and have procedures to use the information derived from these operations to have a competitive advantage. Likewise, we have solutions to enable automation, collaboration, and standardization of processes.

We provide a simple and easy to use mobile applications, barcode reading for identification of load and carriers, communication via EDI with your legacy system, and an infinity of reports that enable the user to make right decisions. As for our network and application security, only registered and permitted users have access to the negotiated pricing tariffs for all transportation providers, so your rates are secure in our database.

However, the ability to view these rates ensure all users can determine how and why a shipment was billed, without having to contact the transportation provider or the logistics department, thus reducing overhead and wasted time.

Negotiated rates automatically connect all carriers, for any mode, view and compare rates side-by-side to choose the best rate and service level for each shipment, saving time and money in the process. Reduce freight costs by requesting spot quotes for volume freight and add accessorials and special services directly onto your shipments


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