Many times the operators change their rates, the shipping patterns change with their customer base the shipments are not always sent with the most profitable company
Our system allows users to have a complete view of all their shipments and operator relationships. With this information, you are able to make intelligent business decisions based on data and not assumptions
Shipment history can be pulled from both your freight accrual and history files. Multiple selection criteria (date range, mode, carrier, location, state, ZIP, customer, load number) can be used to tailor reports to your needs. Additional charges such as fuel surcharges and accessorial charges can be included or excluded. We allow modes to be matched and you can download those reports easily.

Statistics Reports: We have statistics on load tender numbers, accepted, reschedules, shipped, no show, cancelled by carrier, date range, or mode. Performance inquiry by carrier, performance detail with time between tender, accepted, pickup, checkout, age inventory, target vs actual shipment, carrier dot safety rating, etc.

Dashboards Report: It gives you the detail of the dispatches in real time visualizing with colors the driver late, the driver on time, the pending loads and the time of load

Rates Analysis: Show the cost impact of changes in the carrier's rates, Loads Paid over, Saving per Load, etc

Report Alerts: Every day or as often as you wish, alert reports are sent to your email to make decisions at the right time. Like: Load scheduled daily, Customer inventory report, Load shipment report, Load tender notification, etc

Carrier documentation: We provides you with a complete system for print a detailed Bill Of Lading and Metallurgical Certification